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Total Convergence
Security Solution Provider

In SecuLayer, we research and develop big data and AI-integrated platforms for security operation and control solutions. SecuLayer was established in 2012 by two developers and one engineer with decades of working experience in cybersecurity. 

From the beginning, we have been supplying log management and security control systems to the national agencies and services. Now, the range of customers we serve extends to the public sector, financial institutions, and private sector. Our main solutions include integrated security operation solutions with pioneering technologies such as SOAR and AI modeling.


We will contribute to cyber safety by improving the security environment and protecting customer information.

As a pioneer of ‘automation in cybersecurity’, SecuLayer actively predicts cyber threats via big data and AI technologies and prevents incidents in real-time.


We will find an easier and convenient way for our customers to resolve cyber threat issues. 

SecuLayer’s solutions will unload our customer’s burden of cybersecurity operation by conveniently managing data and assets to prepare for cyber threats. .

Core Value

We aim to grow with our customers in
this cybersecurity ecosystem by creating shared values.


We aim to earn our customers’ and employees’
trust by showing our fair and transparent governance.

We aim to meet the market needs that are ceaselessly
evolving with our innovative technologies.



100+ employees

・Implemented and replaced the integrated security operations and information security system at the Ministry of Justice.
・Undertook the KISA’s ‘AI and big data-based SOAR technology development’ project.
・40 patents are registered for the in-house developed big data and AI technology.


・3rd-year implementation of the AI-based next-generation Security System at the NIRS.
・Undertook the IITP national assignment of ‘development of big data analysis model recommendation technology’.


・2nd-year implementation of the AI-based next-generation Security System at the NIRS
・Deployed Information Security System at Agency for Defence Development.


・1st-year implementation of the AI-based next-generation Security System at the NIRS
・Implemented big data-based security operation system at the Prosecution Service.

Annual revenue marked 1.6 billion KRW

・Developed and implemented the next-generation information system at Korea Development Bank.
・Implemented the next-generation integrated security system at the Busan local government.


・Implemented ‘School Net’ across Seoul 1, 2 division, Jeonbuk and Gangwon 3
・Hit Product Awarded by the ET News.
・eyeCloudIPS, Intrusion detection/prevention sensor and analysis system is released and CC-certified.


・eyeCloudESM v2.5 CC-certified.
・Won the Korea Software Quality Award for eyeCloudSIM v2.5.
・Selected as the INNO-BIZ, SME with innovative technology.
・BlueBird, incident analysis and response solution is released.


・ISO27000:2013 received by the Bureau Veritas certified agency.
・CC (Common Criteria) EAL2 mark received by the IT Security Certification Center (National Intelligence Service affiliated agency).
・GS (Good Software) mark received for eyeCloudSIM.


・Developed the ‘Testbed certification infrastructure technology for cyberwars’ with Naru Security for the Agency for Defence Development.
・Implemented ‘eyeCloudSIM v2.5’ as nSIMS, the largest integrated security control system in Korea at the National Information Resources Service (NIRS).

SecuLayer, Inc. was established

・eyeCloudSIM developed with the in-house developed big data log processing technology was released.
・Implemented the integrated security control system at the Korea Power Exchange (KPX).
・SecuLayer, Inc., the company with the core technology in security operation, was established in February.

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SecuLayer, Inc. 14th Floor, Seongsuil-ro 4-gil 25, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

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